There Are So Many Benefits To Watching Porn
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There Are So Many Benefits To Watching Porn

There Are So Many Benefits To Watching Porn

It’s not something you hear everyday. Not because it’s unusual for ladies to look at porn, but because for some reason its just another a type of "taboo" subjects that go unspoken. WHY? Why is it so culturally acceptable and anticipated for males to look at porn however not ladies? Is it just me? Possibly it’s just the friends I’ve made in life, however it really seems to me that for women, watching porn is a very private, secret thing. I additionally feel like perhaps males are a little bit within the dark. Do men really not know girls watch porn? And if they do, why is porn such a taboo subject? Are individuals ashamed? Let me ask you something – do any of you readers think worse of me because I watch porn? The reply needs to be no. If you answered yes, we have to speak…

Nobody needs to be ashamed to watch porn! My film nerd side goes to slide out here and throw some film terminology at you. Within the "biz" there’s a little idea called voyeurism, which is the concept we as humans enjoy and gain pleasure from watching other humans, specifically in intimate situations. This is a natural phenomenon. It is fully normal to be aroused by watching different people. That is the basis of the porn industry. And guess what? This fact of life isn’t affected by sex, gender, sexual orientation or sexual experience.

There are such a lot of benefits to watching porn. Initially, it is extremely low risk. It is physically impossible so that you can grow to be pregnant or to catch an STD by watching porn. It lets you become more comfortable with your self and your sexuality in your own terms. Watching porn will help you discover what you are most attracted to, but in addition what you might be uncomfortable with. One other plus is that it is so simply accessible. You are all reading this on the internet right now, you might be only one Google search away from endless free pornography. In my opinion, watching porn is a very normal, safe a part of any healthy intercourse life.

Okay, let’s talk about some common "downsides" of watching porn my female pals have requested me about:

Q. Does porn provide individuals with unrealistic expectations about sex and relationships?
Sure. However so does Twilight. So does just about each romantic comedy ever made, books, magazines, television, movies, etc. Unrealistic expectations about sex are everywhere.

Q. Will I get addicted?
Are you addicted to some other type of entertainment/type of internet use? Well then likelihood is you won’t get addicted to porn. I’m not saying it’s impossible. If watching porn begins to negatively affect areas of your life comparable to school or work, or relationships, then yes, you have to be concerned.

If you are struggling with something in your life proper now then maybe your probability of addiction is higher because watching porn can be utilized as a coping method (just like another escapist conduct). In any other case, concern of addiction shouldn’t stop you from watching.

Q. Will watching porn make me really feel awful in regards to the way I look?
Maybe. However once more, if that’s the case you probably have quite a lot of trouble with T.V., motion pictures, magazines and any and all other forms of media. Besides, none of it is best to really feel awful concerning the way you look because you're all BEAUTIFUL! You just have to remember that porn stars aren't any different than actresses or fashions – they're made as much as look a selected way on film and don’t appear to be that in everyday life.

Q: Is all porn geared towards males?
Ladies. I hate to break this to you, however watching porn generally is a little harder for us because it could be very targeted to men. I mean, I’m sorry, but I personally don’t need to watch a skinny blonde lady with balloon sized tits give a blow job for half an hour. Doesn’t do it for me. Totally cool if that’s what you want to watch, however there is a section of us women who won’t enjoy it. And infrequently on porn sites "feminine friendly" porn normally means lesbians. Which is totally hot, but I typically want men. So what’s a girl to do?! You have to go hunting for it. There may be some really lovely erotic work out there and once you find it, it might be price it.

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